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  • 30 Thoughts on the Gift of Gratitude

      30 Thoughts on the Gift of Gratitude Let's be honest here: Recovery can be rough. Regardless of what issues a person is struggling to overcome, and even after considerable successes, the process can be ...

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  • Helping Child Adhd

    The Edison Gene: Helping Your Child Do What He Does Well BECAUSE He Has ADHD by Glenn Hefley My five-year-old son and I are driving back to our house after visiting some friends of mine. In the course of thirty minutes our conversation has traveled down this line of subjects: heroes, comic books, the Avengers, vigilantism, Thor the comic book hero, Thor the mythological god of thunder, Odin, Zeus, Apollo, Jesus, Church, Romans, Greeks. At this point, ...

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  • 12 Step Program

    What is AA's 12 - Step Program?How does it work in a drug or alcohol residential treatment program?Since its founding in 1935, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has provided help to millions of men and women who once drank to excess, were finally able to acknowledge they could not handle alcohol, and, through the support of AA's Fellowship, found a new, healthier way of life that excluded drinking and drugs.At AA and NA meetings, participants’ identities are ...

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  • Treatment Options for Opiate Addiction

      By Anne Watkins When seeking treatment for opiate addiction, there are several options available depending on your needs. Opiate Inpatient Treatment Inpatient treatment for opiate addiction requires patients to stay in a hospital or residential treatment facility for an extended period of time. Inpatient treatment is designed for severe, long-term addicts who need comprehensive treatment, and usually involves three main elements: Hospital detoxification, during which an addict is assisted in overcoming the strong physical urges that tend to ...

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  • Bankers, Attorneys Struggle with Addiction in Poor Economy

      By Meghan Vivo Addiction does not care what type of profession you're in or how much money you make. It affects everyone, and can be particularly widespread in troubled times. Recent reports suggest that the current economic crisis is taking a toll on America's best and brightest, producing record numbers of bankers, attorneys, and executives seeking addiction treatment and help for depression. A Growing Problem for Attorneys and Legal Professionals According to a May 5, 2009 article in the ...

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  • Transitioning From Recovery Back Into Your Career

     By Jill GonzalezApproximately 24 million people in the United States are in need of some type of drug or alcohol addiction treatment, yet only about one out of every 10 of those people actually receives the treatment they so desperately need. With drug and alcohol abuse continuing to be on the rise, rehabilitation and recovery programs often find themselves scrambling in an effort to help their patients re-enter the workforce once their recovery is complete.The ...

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  • Learning New Life Skills in Drug Rehab

      By Staff Writer If you're struggling with addiction, you may think 30 days of drug rehab will be the cure for your drug or alcohol problem. But sobriety is just the first step of addiction recovery. After a 30, 60 or 90 day addiction treatment program, you will likely get sober, but you may be lacking the skills to maintain your sobriety in the face of daily stressors. The Cost of Addiction When a person becomes addicted to ...

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  • Drinking Issues

    Kids Ignore Warnings On Liquor Ads and BottlesA study from Brigham Young University indicates that children do not bother with warning labels that appear in magazine advertisements and on liquor bottles.The federal government requires liquor companies provide use warnings that say drinking increases risks for birth defects, causes impairment when operating machines, etc.The BYU researchers, led by Professor Steve Thomsen, tracked the corneas of 63 middle school-aged children as they looked at bottles and magazine ...

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  • Teens Image and Behavior Issues

    The Perfect Gift for A Graduate? Nip and Tuck Cosmetic SurgeryDr. Roxanne Guy, president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), said that more teens are asking for cosmetic surgeries as graduation presents this spring. They want procedures they see on television shows like "Extreme Makeover," such as breast implants, liposuction, skin resurfacing, teeth whitening, and so forth.About a quarter of a million American teenagers ages 10 to 19 years old had cosmetic surgery ...

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