Selecting a drug addiction treatment center for yourself or someone you care about may be one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime.

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Components of Drug Addiction Treatment

Many people wonder what happens in residential treatment or full-time day programs for drug addiction. What will I do all day? What happens during a therapy session? What are support group meetings like?

Not all drug addiction treatment programs are the same. Some offer gender-specific programs, while others are co-ed. Some treat only drug addicts, while others offer programs for alcoholism, eating disorders, gambling, and other addictions. Geography can also make a difference. If your center is in a resort area or near a beach, your outdoor activities will be different than if you were in a center near a city or in a more rustic environment.

Regardless of their focus, most effective treatment programs are built around similar structures. Their main job is to provide addicted individuals with the skills and strategies that they need to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The main components of treatment are individual and group therapy, classes and lectures, group support meetings, alternative therapies, family and/or marriage counseling, and follow-up care.

Look for a treatment program that is adequately licensed and supervised by state and local governments. Staff members should be professionals with proper credentials and advanced degrees in drug addiction treatment. From the time you arrive there for treatment, the center should provide you with the chance to begin a healthy new lifestyle. There should be wholesome meals served at regular hours, and a daily schedule that includes adequate amounts of time for physical exercise, rest, and sleep. Feeling good physically is a big step in recovery from chemical dependency.

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