How Much Do Interventions Cost?


A successful intervention can be a life-altering event for everyone involved, not just the loved one with an addiction. Among a number of items, it requires planning, attention to detail, and careful follow-up, all coordinated by a trained professional who puts his or her reputation on the line with every intervention.

A number of variables come into play regarding the cost of an intervention. These include the number of people who will be participating, the location selected for the intervention, and the amount of time devoted to the intervention itself (which can last a few hours, an entire day, or even a family workshop spread over a couple of days). Certainly, the skill and sensitivity of the interventionist – as with any health-care provider – also comes into play.

Because of these factors, and more, it’s hard to provide even a general figure of what you might expect to pay for an intervention that responds to your specific needs. However, once an interventionist gets a better understanding of the situation at hand, he or she will be pleased to provide you that information.