Where Does My Loved One Go After an Intervention?


You have prepared your script for your loved one explaining to them that you are alarmed about their use.   You have practiced this process with others who care about the individual who’s life is endangered by the use drugs or alcohol.

Before the intervention, it is a good idea to have brochures available and a planned destination for your loved one who is suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction so that if they are agreeable to receiving the gift of treatment from you, then you have a destination in mind for them to go to immediately while they are still compliant.

Sober Living by the Sea Individualized Treatment Centers in Newport Beach, CA
Sober Living by the Sea in Newport Beach, California, pioneered the long-term rehab model and has been treating men and women suffering from addiction and eating disorders for over 23 years in Newport Beach, CA.

Sober Living by the Sea (SLBTS) has developed numerous individualized treatment programs for our clients based on gender, drug of choice, and age. SLBTS is a California alcohol rehab that has programs that specifically address chemical dependency to alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamines, heroin, and prescription medications. There are programs for men, women, and also for mature adults. We provide the entire continuum of care from detox to outpatient treatment in one central campus just steps from the Pacific Ocean.

For Women: The Rose of Newport Beach, CA
The Rose is a women’s treatment center in Newport Beach, Oange County, California. The benefits are many of recovering here in this serene beachside community in Southern California.  A woman who has just experienced intervention should be willing to go to such a beautiful location to begin her recovery. The Rose is known for making the women who stay there feel totally comfortable and at home while providing them with top notch clinical addiction specialists to administer a caring, supportive, and effective treatment program while the woman learns to live a new way of life free from the shackles of drug addiction.

The Rose is an exclusive, healing and therapeutic retreat where women rediscover themselves and begin to recover in mind, body and spirit from the devastation of addiction.

For Women Suffering from an Eating Disorder as Well as Addiction: The Victorian of Newport Beach
The Victorian is the premier destination in the world for a woman to receive simultaneous treatment for co-occurring addiction with an eating disorder.

Some of the best clinicians in the world will address the woman’s anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, and compulsive overeating and give her guidance on how to live a better life, free of drugs and abstaining from her eating disorder.  The beautiful Victorian style facility located on the Pacific Ocean in Orange County, California is a wonderful place for a woman to receive eating disorder treatment.

 For Men Who Want an Exclusive Beachside Retreat: The Landing for Men 
The Landing is the premier destination for males who are suffering from addiction to receive very supportive and comfortable treatment in a beach house right on the water in Newport BEach, CA.

The men who recover at the Landing will enjoy the best clinical care for men’s addiction treatment  available as well as the experience of recovering in Newport Beach with it’s vibrant recovery community.  The vast array of physical, esteem building and spiritual recovery activities will allow men to rediscover the joy of living drug and alcohol free.

Sunrise Recovery Ranch: Structured Recovery for Men in the California Foothills
Sunrise Recovery Ranch is a spiritual destination for men to recovery from addiction and alcoholism that is located in the foothills of the majestic Big Bear Mountain in Southern California.

Sunrise Recovery Ranch provides outstanding rehabilitation treatment services for alcohol and drug addiction. Specifically designed to administer rehab treatment to alcoholic, Sunrise Recovery Ranch is a safe, peaceful, and ideal setting for healing and recovery.  Sunrise Ranch’s structure and high staff to client ratio also makes it an ideal destination for men prone to relapse.