What Actually Takes Place During an Intervention?


We want to eliminate some of the mystery that may have developed about the actual conduct of an intervention. Put briefly, an intervention is a carefully planned gathering of people with a common goal: to develop a plan (often combining clinical treatment and a structured recovery program) that succeeds in arresting addictive disease.

In advance of the intervention itself, the interventionists will work closely with family members and other participants to gain a broad understanding of the situation and help create an intervention that will reduce stress and anxiety for everyone involved.

The meeting itself is generally designed to provide a safe, healing environment where all participants – not only the individual with the addiction – better understand the changes that will be needed for recovery.

In most cases, the interventionist will also help participants get a clearer view of the future, including some immediate suggestions on how to enhance communication among participants and longer-term recommendations geared to avoiding self-destructive choices.