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What started with a casual outing to a nearby casino or a few minutes of online poker has turned into a full-blown gambling addiction. And while the thrill of winning may have been exciting at first, the long-term consequences of your gambling addiction have affected your family, friends and finances.

Your gambling addiction may have caused you to lie to loved ones, write bad checks, take out secret loans, skip work or commit crimes to maintain your habit. If your addiction has taken over your life, you may have turned to alcohol or drugs to cope, or considered or even attempted suicide.

The situation may seem hopeless, but it isn’t. Gambling addiction treatment can help you overcome your compulsions and turn your life around. Start today by contacting one of these gambling addiction treatment centers:

Keystone Treatment Center – Canton, S.D.

Keystone Treatment Center’s staff includes nationally certified gambling counselors that develop individualized treatment plans to address problems associated with gambling addiction. Most treatment plans include individual therapy, gambling therapy groups, a 12-Step program for gambling, educational programming and family therapy. The center’s gambling addiction treatment program, available to patients 18 and older, also addresses budgeting and financial concerns, and any cross-addiction and relapse issues.

Sierra Tucson – Tucson, Ariz.

Sierra Tucson offers gambling addiction treatment in a serene desert setting that provides a safe, therapeutic environment for treatment. While at Sierra Tucson, you will participate in weekly 12-Step meetings, a gambling process group that provides education on gambling and a chance to explore your feelings about your addiction, and specialty tracks (such as sexual recovery, grief or nutrition groups) as needed. Patients in treatment for gambling addiction will also address issues of debt, money management, family dynamics, interpersonal skills and conflict resolution tools.