Kids and Drinking Top 10 Ways to NOT STOP a Kid from Drinking

  1. ENABLING: Rescuing our children from the consequences of the alcohol and other drug use. Bailing them out of jail; getting them out of trouble at school; calling in sick for them; making excuses for their inappropriate behavior; allowing them to use at home; not confronting their use; giving them money and not finding out how they use it; just not wanting to be bothered.

  2. DENIAL: "My child wouldn’t do that!" – even when there is evidence that s/he is using. Denial does not make the problem go away, it merely prevents parents or anyone else from taking action.

  3. REACTING: A kid experiments one time and a parent grounds them for a year, or a parent begins following them to school and every time they leave the house.

  4. THREATS: "I’ll beat you within an inch of your life…!" or "You’ll never leave this house till you’re 21…!" or "I’ll break every bone in your body…!" This doesn’t keep kids away from alcohol and other drugs – but it does keep kids away from parents.

  5. SCARE TACTICS: "If you use drugs, you’ll overdose and die!" or "You’ll get kicked out of school!" or "You’ll end up a prostitute!" or "You’ll end up in jail!" or "You’ll get AIDS!" Kids don’t believe it will happen to them. Besides, did you ever pay attention to your parents when they said such things? They may just say – "Have these things happened to you?"

  6. BRIBERY: "I’ll buy you a car if you don’t drink or use other drugs." This merely puts parents in a position to be manipulated. To get their first car some adolescents will promise anything!

  7. MINIMIZING: "All kids drink once in awhile don’t they?" or "He only had one!" or "She doesn’t get drunk very often." or "At least she’s not on hard drugs." This is the step after denial, and leads to the following step…

  8. PROVIDING ALCOHOL OR OTHER DRUGS FOR KIDS: Some parents who believe kids will drink anyway feel it is better to let them drink at home. Some will provide the keg of beer for their parties. That keeps your kids safe from an accident, but what about their friends? Do you realize you will be held 100% accountable and responsible? If someone is killed do you wish to give up everything you now have plus everything you may have in the future? What if a child overdoses at such a party? If you know this is going on – report it. If you’re doing it – stop it.

  9. GUILT: "If you loved me you wouldn’t use alcohol!" or "I would just lay down and die from shame and embarrassment if I ever found out you use drugs!" This doesn’t stop kids from using, but it does keep them away from parents.

  10. FIGHTING BETWEEN PARENTS: That’s how these kids take the focus off of them. They have many ways of doing this. One is, "You’re never home!" or "I’m not the only one, remember when you…?" or one parent will take the kids side. Or one parent starts blaming the other for what is happening. At any one of these points the kid can do whatever he wants.