What Treatment is Right for Me?

For a substance abuse treatment program to be successful, it is important that the program is designed to meet the specific needs of the client.

Individuals who are struggling to overcome alcoholism are more likely to succeed if their programs are good matches for their unique needs. For example, teenagers often prefer staying among people their own age. Some alcoholics have gender-related problems, and do better in single sex settings.

Geography is also an important consideration. Some people prefer to find a treatment center near their homes. Others want a center that offers certain activity opportunities, such as golf or surfing.

In other cases, it is important that the alcohol treatment program provides assistance with co-occurring disorders, such as an eating disorder or a psychological problem.

Some residential programs offer different types of treatment in different locations. For example, The Landing for Men – Exclusive Recovery in Newport Beach, Orange County is a men-only center located on the beaches of the Pacific Ocean. The Landing has a 23-year record of individualized rehabilitation, but yet it remains complete state-of-the-art, offering traditional therapy along with more experimental ones like Eye Movement Desensitization and hypnotherapy. The Landing also has golf, kayaking, surfing, Tai Chi, massage therapy and other resort-like amenities.

The Landing’s sister facility is The Rose of Newport Beach, which offers intense rehabilitation for alcoholic women in a gorgeous beach setting and resort atmosphere. In addition to group and individual counseling, classes and workshops, the Rose program includes meditation, Pilates and other exercise classes, art therapy, journaling, and so forth.

After working through the Landing’s or the Rose’s program, some clients continue in extended care at Sober Living by the Sea Treatment Centers in Newport Beach, Orange County, California offering outpatient treatment, transitional work, and alternative sentencing programs.

These facilities are just three of many alternatives a intake advisor can discuss with you when you call today.

If you or a loved one needs help, please don’t put it off any longer.