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  • Trinity Broadcasting Network’s “Public Report”: Interview of General McCaffrey, Dr. Karlin, and Joan Bunnell

    Transcript of Seattle/Tacoma Trinity Broadcasting Network's "Public Report" interview of General McCaffrey, Dr. Karlin, and Joan Bunnell on November 9. 2004 GP (George Pettingel, Host): Good morning, and welcome to Public Report. I'm George Pettingel. Now, listen to these figures: 50,000 people die every year across the US because of drug-related causes. Isn't that fantastic? Fifty-thousand. Or how about this one: Over $276 billion are spent annually by us, the tax payers, because of drug problems. ...

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  • Health Group Builds Clinic In Tacoma

    Daily Journal of Commerce By Journal StaffLAKEWOOD - San Jose, Calif.-based CRC Health Group will hold a grand opening for an outpatient treatment clinic on Nov. 9 at 9500 Front St. in Lakewood. The clinic will accommodate up to 350 addicts of painkillers, opiates and heroin.The 3,800-square-foot outpatient treatment clinic will be on the first floor of a building that also houses the project's general contractor, Lakewood's Sunset Pacific. Sharel Rogers, CRC Health ...

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  • CRC Health Group Media During NAADAC Conference

    Internet Answer To Treating Drug, Alcohol Abuse Bozeman Daily Chronicle By Kayley Mendenhall, Chronicle Staff WriterWithin the next 20 years, Barry Karlin says that 70 percent of all medical care will be administered over the Internet. "Technology will revolutionize the world of treatment," he said.Karlin, CEO of CRC Health Group Inc., the largest provider of chemical dependency treatment in the country, was invited to explain the online treatment concept at the NAADAC's annual ...

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  • W. Yellowstone National Anti-Drug Conference To Be Keynoted By Dr. Barry Karlin

    NAADAC Conference Keynote SpeechI. Introduction I am pleased to join the President of NAADAC, Roger A. Curtiss, at your annual conference here at the Sun Spree Resort. NAADAC is such an important organization. You are the leaders in this field.everyday, working to make treatment available to those facing addiction. What an important and critical theme we have at today's conference, the role of technology in treatment. Each of you provides treatment in ...

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  • Biography Of Barry W. Karlin, Ph.D.

    Barry W. Karlin, Ph.D. Chairman and Chief Executive Officer CRC Health Group, Inc. Dr. Karlin serves as Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of CRC Health Group, Inc., the largest provider of chemical dependency & related behavioral healthcare treatment services in the USA. In 1995 he co-founded CRC for the purpose of acquiring and operating drug and alcohol abuse treatment facilities. He has since completed eight acquisitions establishing CRC as a market leader in the treatment of chemical ...

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  • KXAN 36 NEWS: Experts Discuss Drug, Alcohol Abuse

    Experts Discuss Drug, Alcohol Abuse KXAN 36 NEWS August 2, 2004 The Texas Commission on Alcohol and Drug Abuse will hold its annual conference in Austin Monday. More than 16 million Americans are regular abusers of drugs and/or alcohol. Drug and alcohol abuse kills 52,000 Americans annually. Over a two-year span, Texas has decreased seventh graders' tobaco use by 30 percent and 19 percent among eighth graders. Seventy-two percent of Texas students have tried alcohol, and one-third has tried drugs.

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  • Fast Growing CRC Health Acquires Methadone Provider; Company To Seek Role In National Issues

    Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly By Valerie CanadyCRC Health Group, Inc., the nation's largest for-profit provider of residential and outpatient addiction treatment services, announced in December the acquisition of National Specialty Clinics, Inc. (NSC), one of the most prominent providers of methadone-based treatment for opiate addiction.This acquisition renders San Jose, Calif.-based CRC Health the nation's largest provider of methadone treatment, with services offered to 20,000 methadone patients daily.Company officials say the acquisition supports CRC's ...

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  • CRC Acquires NSC, Now Nation’s Largest Methadone And Traditional Substance Abuse

    The Nashville Post By Paige Orr Friday, 12/19/2003 -- San Jose, Calif.-based CRC Health Group has acquired National Specialty Clinics (NSC), a Nashville-based provider of methadone-based treatment for opiate addiction, for approximately $100 million. NSC owns and operates 17 methadone-based clinics across six states. Dr. Barry Karlin, CRC Health Group chairman and chief executive, said in a release, "This acquisition by CRC Health Group continues to operationalize the company's strategy of building a nationwide network of treatment alternatives providing ...

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  • Washington State Provider Agencies Add Online Element to Services

    Alcoholism & Drug Abuse WeeklySan Jose, Calif.-based CRC Health Corporation, which operates the country's only accredited Internet-based treatment system for addiction, last month announced partnerships with several organizations in Washington state that have begun to integrate its online treatment program into their substance abuse service mix.Along with its rapid acquisition of freestanding addiction treatment facilities in recent years, the for-profit CRC is known for launching eGetgoing, an Internet-based, interactive addiction treatment and counseling program for ...

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  • CRC Health Group Washington News Conference Points by Gen. Barry McCaffrey and by Dr. Barry Karlin

    Gen. Barry McCaffrey CRC Washington News Conference Points Pleased to Join Dr. Barry Karlin, Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen, and Washington State and local leaders in substance abuse programs today, here at the Washington Athletic Center. I am delighted and proud that leaders in Washington State, where I have long had a strong family and personal association, are making this state the most progressive in the nation for drug and alcohol prevention and treatment. The vision and services creating ...

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