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CRC Health Facility Reference Guide
(October 2014 Edition)

A comprehensive overview of CRC’s nationwide network of more than 140 programs & facilities, updated in August 2013:

  • Adult Recovery Programs
  • Mental Health Treatment Programs
  • Comprehensive Treatment Clinics
  • Troubled Youth & Young Adult Programs
  • Weight Management Programs
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The Adoptive Parent’s Guide: How to Help Your Child Become (& Remain) a Successful Student

School-related tips & advice for parents of adopted adolescents and teenagers. Topics include the following:

  • Easing your child’s back-to-school stress
  • Getting the school year off to a great start
  • Advocating on behalf of students with special needs
  • Understanding the unique challenges facing adopted students in the classroom
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The Aspen Guide to Teen Treatment

A parent’s introduction to treatment opportunities for adolescents & teens in crisis. Topics include the following:

  • Introduction to residential treatment
  • What is a therapeutic boarding school?
  • How wilderness programs help teens
  • Information about programs throughout the United States
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The Aspen Guide to Wilderness Therapy *NEW E-BOOK*

A parent’s introduction to therapeutic wilderness programs for adolescents, teens, and young adults. Topics include the following:

  • Brief history of wilderness therapy
  • How wilderness programs operate
  • Why wilderness therapy works
  • Wilderness therapy guide to programs throughout the United States.
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Best Practices of Top Psychiatric Hospitals

Though no one set of standards or expectations could be applied to all residential psychiatric treatment facilities, nine key areas have been identified as essential to the establishment and maintenance of a quality psychiatric hospital. This e-book identifies and explores each of those nine key areas. Click here to download your free copy.


Biofeedback Training at Sierra Tucson: Mind-Body Medicine in Action

Antoinette Giedzinska-Simons, Ph.D. provides a comprehensive overview of biofeedback as it is being incorporated into treatment at Sierra Tucson. Sections include the following:


The Changing Landscape of Opioid Dependence & Harm Reduction Treatment *NEW DOWNLOAD*


The CRC Guide to Eating Disorders *NEW E-BOOK*

A comprehensive introduction to eating disorders, ideal for individuals who are struggling with an ED or who suspect that a loved one may be in danger:

  • Anorexia, builimia, binge eating, & compulsive eating
  • Body Dysmorphic Disorder, orthorexia, & sleep eating
  • Pica & Prader-Willi Syndrome
  • Definitions, causes, & risk factors
  • Treatment options & residential programs
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An Introduction to Mood Disorders & Treatment Options

Introductory information about symptoms & treatments for the following mood disorders:


The Provita Program: Innovative Treatment for Opiate Addiction

Learn more about this highly effective method of treating opiate addictions.

  • Eliminate or drastically reduce drug cravings
  • Significantly reduce the risk of relapse
  • Safe detox & quick stabilization
  • Once-a-month medication
  • Dedicated continuing care
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The Sierra Model of Trauma Treatment

Bill Coleman , LMSW, TEP, provides a comprehensive overview of trauma treatment at Sierra Tucson, which has been treating trauma patients since the late 1980s. The Serra staff has pioneered and refined the use of experiential and creative arts therapies for the treatment of trauma and many other conditions. Click here to download your free copy.


Talking to Your Child About Weight: When, Why, & How to Have This Important Conversation

Essential information to help parents have productive conversations about weight with an overweight child, adolescent, or teenager.

  • Information on the mental, physical, & emotional impact of childhood overweight and obesity
  • The importance of losing weight in a safe & healthy manner
  • Specific tips about how, why, & how to have this conversation
  • Sources of help for families who can benefit from professional weight loss assistance
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What is Integrative Psychiatry? *NEW REPORT*

  • The term “integrative psychiatry” describes an evidence‐guided approach that incorporates appropriate and
    effective conventional and complementary therapeutic modalities to the assessment and treatment of
    mental health problems.
  • In this report, James Duffy, M.D., FANPA, FAAHPM, DABMA, Chief of Integrative Medicine at Sierra Tucson, outlines the history, principles, and practice of Integrative Psychiatry.
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Your Guide to Choosing an Addiction Treatment Program

  • Issues to consider when evaluating addiction treatment programs for yourself or a loved one:
  • Important program components to evaluate.
  • Essential questions to ask program personnel
  • Handy chart to guide the evaluation process (and keep yourself organized)
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Your Guide to Levels of Care in Addiction Treatment

  • Explanations of levels of care in addiction treatment
  • Information on choosing the right level of care for yourself or a loved one
  • Pros & cons of residential & outpatient care
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