Why Do So Many Bay Area Professionals Trust CRC Health Group?

In 2012 alone, 307 Bay Area doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, and other professionals referred clients to CRC Health Group treatment programs.

“I am most impressed with CRC’s systematic use of the MHCA survey results to drive organization-wide continuous improvement in customer satisfaction,” said  Ed Neu, Director of Mental Health Companies of America National Data Center. “This improvement process has resulted in increased customer satisfaction scores across the entire organization over the past several years.”

Among the many metrics we that we use to evaluate and improve success rates throughout our network, these numbers demonstrate that we are continuing to earn the trust of the most important professionals in the treatment field: the men and women who are entrusted by their clients to put them in the best position to achieve long-term recovery.

While each professional has his or her unique reasons for referring clients to CRC, the following are among the more common reasons cited by those who continue to trust us with their patients:

  • Quality: We have a 20-person team that is dedicated to monitoring, evaluating, and improving clinical quality throughout the network
  • Training & Supervision: We are the only treatment provider that improves therapists’ skills through clinical supervision of both therapists and clinical supervisors
  • Communication: We are in the process of implementing a proprietary Referrant Quality Management (RQM) system throughout our network to ensure that professionals receive the type and frequency of information that they desire about the clients they have referred to us.
  • Continuum of Care: We are the only provider that offers services at all points through the disease life cycle for patients across the socioeconomic spectrum.

Insurers, Clients Also Give CRC High Marks

The positive opinions of so many referring professionals are complemented by the feedback we have received from other sources.

And our active efforts to track and improve customer satisfaction continues to reap positive results — most recently in March, when we were honored by the Mental Health Corporations of America for superior customer service.

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