The CRC Treatment Model

Leading the Treatment Industry into a New Era of
World-Class Care

The clinical principles that drive CRC Health Group to continued excellence are a client-directed, outcome-informed treatment philosophy, and a data-supported belief that the therapeutic alliance is the most important single element of a good treatment outcome.

As a roadmap to clinical excellence, Dr. Phil Herschman, Chief Clinical Officer, his Clinical Quality Management team, and the CRC Clinical Advisory Board developed the CRC Treatment Model. The CRC Treatment Model is based upon a series of patient-focused principles, including the following:

  • Addiction is a treatable, chronic, relapsing brain disease
  • The most important element in treatment is the therapeutic alliance
  • Client-directed, outcome-informed treatment leads to improved outcomes
  • Continuing care support is a primary factor in sustained recovery

Implementing the CRC Treatment Model involves three core elements:

  1. Strong Clinical Foundation
  2. Ongoing Measurement & Assessment
  3. Continuing Care

By offering research-supported, client-directed treatment that emphasizes the relationship between client and counselor– and by ensuring that our programs and personnel meet or exceed measurable standards for clinical excellence – CRC Health Group is uniquely prepared to provide you with a range of superior referral options for your clients.

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