Addiction to social media is growing

By Staff Writer

As Americans become increasingly reliant on websites like Facebook and Twitter, a new type of Internet addiction is emerging. Large numbers of people are starting to show signs of addiction to social media sites, which experts say could have a serious impact on their lives if not treated at a rehab facility.

The possibility of becoming addicted to social media sites is gaining more credibility. A recent study from the Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in Pennsylvania showed that many students display signs of dependency that are comparable to drug or alcohol addiction, according to Fox News.

As part of the study, researchers blocked access to social media sites to students who were on the university’s IP address.

Researchers found that many students – some of whom were checking Facebook 21 hours per day before the blackout – acted much like tobacco users who sneak cigarettes. Some students admitted to surreptitiously spending time on social media sites on their smart phones.

Unless individuals seek help from treatment centers for their addiction to Facebook, they could experience significant social problems. A recent study from University of Guelph researchers showed that people who spend more time on the site are more likely to report feelings of jealousy in their lives.