Bartenders may play important role in identifying post traumatic stress disorder sufferers


By Staff Writer

For individuals who have experienced trauma, particularly former military personnel, a bartender may not be able to replace a therapist, but the person serving the drinks may be able to help them seek treatment from a drug rehab and mental health facility.

Researchers from Ohio State University said that bartenders are in a unique position to identify veterans and other individuals who are in need of mental health services. Additionally, these professionals may be more apt to be honest with a customer about their need to seek treatment than a spouse or family member may be.

The team found data to back up their hypothesis. They surveyed 71 bartenders who work at VA bars around the country. The participants said that they considered themselves close to most of their customers and felt free to discuss issues in their patron’s lives.

Based on the results of the study, the researchers said that more bartenders may be able to play an important role in the fight against post traumatic stress disorder if they are given specialized training. Due to the fact that veterans may be more comfortable talking to a server than a mental health professional, bartenders may be able provide support and recommend treatment for those in need.