Binge drinking increases cardiovascular risk

By Staff Writer

Individuals who regularly binge drink are at a significantly higher risk of acquiring an addiction that necessitates substance abuse treatment. Additionally, recent findings show that it seriously elevates an individual’s chances of developing heart disease.

For years, doctors have known that excessive drinking contributes to poor heart health. However, they were unsure of the role that drinking patterns play in the condition. To examine this, the research team from Toulouse University studied the impact of drinking in France and Belfast.

Residents of both locations tend to consume similar levels of alcohol throughout the week. However, in Belfast, alcohol is mostly consumed in large quantities on the weekends, while in France, it is consumed moderately throughout the week.

After examining participants’ drinking patterns and heart health for a period of 10 years, researchers found that individuals who were binge drinkers had twice the risk of heart attack or death from heart disease than individuals who consumed alcohol in moderation. The majority of binge drinkers were in Belfast.

Researchers said that the type of drink may also impact heart risk. In France, most people drink wine, while in Belfast and many other areas of the world most people drink beer.