Colleges work to reduce drinking

By Staff Writer

This month, millions of young adults are packing up their belongings and heading off to college. While this may be an exciting time, it is also when many students develop dangerous dependencies on alcohol, which may require treatment at a rehab facility.

In an effort to help more incoming students avoid this fate, the University of California at Los Angeles recently stepped up its alcohol education programs. The school began offering a class to upper-level students in which they design awareness campaigns that detail the dangers of alcohol abuse, according to the Daily Bruin.

Students in the class have designed and produced candy wrappers with alcohol facts printed on them and wallet-sized information cards. They have also initiated Facebook events and competition quiz games about the damaging effects of alcohol abuse.

“This year, we are making an exceptional effort to ensure that we have a strong educational program about alcohol,” Nancy Greenstein, who is leading the class, told the news source. “It’s good to pick their brains for what works because they know what is effective with their peers.”

A total of 44 percent of college students report at least one symptom of alcohol dependency, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving.