Teen Alcohol Substance Abuse Issues

Peer Group Treatment Works Best for Young Adults
Treating the addictions of young adults is different from treating children or older adults. It is an urgent problem because the human brain does not fully develop until age thirty. Alcoholism and drug addiction can permanently damage not only the brain but also vital organs of young adults. Because young adults have a special set of problems, they belong in substance abuse treatments specialized for young adults.

So You are Considering Residential Drug Rehab or Alcohol Treatment for Your Teen

“Larry’s counselor recommends residential treatment for his substance abuse problems. We’ve been in family therapy for months but Larry continues to drink and use drugs. I feel sad that our 15-year-old son has such a severe addiction problem but I also feel relieved that he will soon be getting more intensive help. The question now is how do we choose a good facility?”

~ Mrs. Laurie S. ~

Mrs.S. is not alone in her situation. An estimated 1.1 million youths ages 12 to 17 meet the diagnostic criteria for dependence on illicit drugs — a history of regular and chronic use — and approximately 915,000 are dependent on alcohol. Questions to ask yourself about Residential Drug Treatment Centers.

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New research shows that people who begin drinking at an early age are significantly more likely to develop a dependence on alcohol. Learn more about the risks of Teen Alcoholism and Teenage Alcohol Abuse.

What Science Says About Teen Addictions and What It Means for Parents of Teens helps explain how the biology of the human brain plays a part in adolescent addictions.

Parenting Younger Siblings of Addicted Teens

Is your teenager struggling with substance abuse? How does that affect the way you parent your younger children?

Your older child is probably getting most of your time and attention. You, the rest of your family, and your friends are focused on helping your addicted teenager. But what’s happening to the rest of your kids? Are you just hoping that they’ll be just fine on their own? Learn how you can create a plan to ensure that your younger children aren’t neglected as you treat your teen’s substance abuse addiction .

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Parents of underage drivers take an enormous financial risk every time their child gets behind the wheel.  Parents can be held liable for the negligent acts of minor drivers and most parents are not even aware of the extent of the liability. Learn more about parental liability.

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How Residential Treatment Works: Clearing a New Path

Residential treatment is often the last stop for an out-of-control substance-abusing teenager. It offers a “time out” from situations that trigger self-destructive behavior, a chance to experience predictable and consistent consequences of behavior, an opportunity to participate in community, and for family bonds to be repaired. In the process, self-esteem — the major antidote to alcohol and drug use – is increased.

How does this happen? Let’s follow Joan J.through several aspects of her treatment experience.

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Considering Wilderness Treatment: Finding the Right Wilderness Treatment Program for Your Teen

Are You Considering Residential Treatment for Your Teen: Questions to Ask

Choosing a drug rehab program for your teen can be complex and confusing. How do you find a reputabled addiction treatment center? Is residential treatment right for your teenger? So many questions and you’re in a hurry to get your teen the help they need. Read on to learn what Questions to Ask When Choosing a Drug Addiction Treatment Center.

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We hope the information here will help answer some of the questions and concerns of parents with adolescents who are in need of drug rehab, drug treatment centers, substance abuse treatment, drug abuse treatment, alcohol abuse rehabilitation, and treatment for chemical dependency.