Experts warn of the dangers of prescription drug abuse among teens

By Staff Writer

Experts are increasingly warning parents and pediatricians to watch for the signs of prescription drug addiction in their children. Public health officials have reported that this type of drug abuse is increasing among this demographic, and it can lead to dangerous opiate addictions.

Physicians from the Johns Hopkins Children’s Center recently issued a warning, advising pediatricians to address the situation more directly with their patients. The experts said that doctors should ask adolescents whether or not they have abused prescription drugs.

In recent years, a growing number of children have started using medications recreationally. Experts have said that this is largely due to the fact that prescription drugs have become more available. Doctors are increasingly prescribing powerful painkillers, which end up sitting in individual’s medicine cabinets where they are vulnerable to children.

The Johns Hopkins physician added that parents should also pay attention to potential signs of prescription abuse. These may include mood swings, personality changes, irritability, loss of appetite, excess energy and insomnia.

If parents notice any of these signs in their children, they may want to consider sending them for drug rehab treatment.