Holidays are a difficult time for alcoholics

By Staff Writer

Most individuals who struggle with addiction will say that the holidays are a particularly difficult time of year. Addiction in families can cause tremendous stress, which may lead individuals to destructive behavior.

Over the years, this strain can cause rifts in families, which can make it even more difficult for addicts to make it through the holiday season.

Michael Toomey, a recovered alcoholic living in California, told the Modesto Bee that holidays will never be the same for him after his experiences with addiction. The disease forced his father to disown him. Now, the perfect family Christmas seems out of reach.

“You get an idea [Christmas] is supposed to be a certain way. You see the ‘Miracle on 34th Street,'” Toomey told the news source. “The Norman Rockwell get-together didn’t exist.”

Additionally, the prevalence of alcohol during the holiday season can push some recovering addicts over the edge and impact their relapse prevention efforts. In fact, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration recently reported that some 30 million Americans drive drunk each holiday season.