Internet gaming sites help feed gambling addiction

By Staff Writer

Even in states where gambling in casinos or on sporting events is illegal, many addicts have still found a way to feed their habit. The main channel for these individuals has been the Internet.

Many online gaming sites have popped up in recent years. They are usually run from foreign countries, making them exempt from local and state-level gambling laws. This has helped make it easier for individuals to place bets and fueled an increase in the number of people who are unable to stop themselves from wagering.

Currently, lawmakers in the UK are working to force these online gambling sites from their country, according to the Daily Mail. They blamed virtual gaming for a sharp increase in the number of people who become addicted to gambling.

Officials told the news source that they are also considering blocking gaming websites from accepting credit card payments for bets. They said that this will prevent people from risking money that they don’t actually have.

Similar efforts in the U.S. may help curb rising addiction rates. Currently, U.S. laws make it possible for Internet gambling sites to sidestep local regulations on placing wagers, according to researchers from the University of Rhode Island.