Marijuana shown to affect male sexual function

By Staff Writer

Cannabis use is known to lead to a number of neurological side effects. However, a new study now shows that smoking marijuana may also cause sexual side effects in men who are addicted to the drug and fail to seek substance abuse help.

Prior investigations into the effect of marijuana on sexual performance were largely inconclusive. Some actually showed that it may boost performance in men. However, the new study from Queen’s University researchers may put these contradictory theories to rest, and show that cannabis is truly bad for sexual function, said Rany Shamloul, who led the investigation.

The researchers arrived at their result by testing the effects of marijuana on a group of laboratory animals. Cannabis was found to have a dramatic effect on the males’ sexual function.

Shamloul said that these findings are significant because a large portion of the people who abuse the drug are young and sexually active. The substance could have impact on their ability to conceive children and lead a full life.

Individuals who find it difficult to quit using marijuana may benefit from seeking treatment from drug rehab programs.