Physical activity may prevent binge drug use

By Staff Writer

Physical exercise may significantly improve the chances of success for individuals who are undergoing substance abuse treatment for cocaine addiction, according to a new study presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience.

In particular, researchers found that exercise curbed binging on the drug. Many individuals who are addicted to cocaine go through periods of excessive drug use that often results in injury, criminal activity and high risk sexual behavior.

However, simple physical exercise may be one component of putting a stop to this binging behavior. Researchers from Davidson College trained two groups of mice to take cocaine. One group was given running wheels. They found that those with the wheel took significantly less cocaine.

The investigation team wrote in their report that the next step will be to conduct a clinical trial with humans to verify their results. If the findings hold true, they said that exercise could come to play a large role in the future of rehab facilities.

Furthermore, they believe that physical activity may play an important part in preventing drug use in the first place.