Researchers find high prevalence of PTSD among Word Trade Center survivors

By Staff Writer

As far as trauma goes, few events can surpass the horrors of the attacks on the World Trade Center towers. However, nearly a decade after the events of September 11, little research has been conducted into the impact of these attacks on the mental health of those who survived.

Now, a new study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology has found that many of the survivors may be struggling with post traumatic stress disorder. Researchers from Columbia University said that their findings show how severely traumatic events can impact an individual’s mental health.

For the study, the investigators examined 3,271 individuals who were working in the towers and made it out. They found that 95.6 percent of the survivors had at least one symptom of post traumatic stress disorder. Those who were above the impact zone were hit the hardest, as many of these individuals reported witnessing horrors and sustaining injuries during their evacuation.

The researchers said that their findings show how post traumatic stress disorder can impact a population that has been exposed to trauma. The findings may benefit other individuals who are at risk for the condition.