Researchers test medication for benefit to meth addicts

By Staff Writer

Dependency on methamphetamine has become rampant in America. Users are often unable to quit their habit without the help of rehab facilities, as meth is one of the most addictive drugs.

However, further assistance may be on the way. The FDA recently announced that it has given permission for a team of UCLA researchers to test the effectiveness of a new medication in eliminating addiction to the drug.

Ibudilast, as the medication is known, has been used in Japan for 20 years to treat to conditions such as asthma, chronic pain and multiple sclerosis. Studies currently being conducted by researchers at Columbia University suggest that it may be effective at treating opioid addiction.

However, the study’s lead author said that addiction to meth has become a major problem in the U.S. and that efforts must be made to reduce the number of users. In the Southwest, meth is mentioned as one of the leading causes of entry into addiction treatment centers.

Researchers hope that, when used in conjunction with drug rehabilitation, the medication will improve addicts’ chances of quitting meth.