Shorter periods of treatment may help patients with depression

By Staff Writer

While it is normal to feel down every once in a while, depression is another matter entirely. The problem affects millions of people every year and can be difficult to overcome without help from treatment facilities.

However, a new study has found that it may not take much treatment to overcome depression and other anxiety disorders. Researchers from University College London found that even brief sessions with trained mental health professionals can have significant impacts.

John Cape, who led the investigation, examined the medical records of nearly 4,000 patients who sought counseling for depression or anxiety disorders. They found that there was little difference in the results of patients who stuck with treatment for short periods compared to those who opted for more extended therapy.

For example, six-session treatment programs – which are common the UK, where the study was conducted – showed positive results in terms of helping patients move past their issues. Cape said that treatment centers that offer this type of therapy may be an effective alternative for individuals who are struggling with mood disorders.