<p > Survey reveals misconceptions among doctors about prescription drug abuse

By Staff Writer

Despite escalating levels of prescription drug abuse, a recently released survey has found that many doctors are unaware of the problem, which may be contributing to the rise in opioid misuse and addiction.

The survey, which was conducted by the American Pain Foundation, revealed that 56 percent of doctors believe that only a small number of their patients are abusing the opioid medication they prescribe. Additionally, 52 percent of physicians believe that most opioid abusers do not chew, snort or inject prescription painkillers.

These findings clash with the results of prior studies, which have suggested that up to 80 percent of opioid abusers alter the delivery system of the medications in order to achieve an immediate high.

“These survey results highlight common misunderstandings about these medications, which can be addressed in the health care provider’s office,” said Will Rowe, CEO of the foundation. He added that “by initiating an open dialogue about responsible pain management before and throughout the course of treatment, both clinicians and their patients can become part of the solution to this issue.”

These types of educational efforts may result in fewer addictions to opioids that require treatment from rehab facilities.