Teens look to medicine cabinets for addicting intoxicants

By Staff Writer

Teenagers who are looking to get high no longer have to turn to the streets to score powerful drugs that are capable of causing devastating addictions that can necessitate help from rehab facilities. Many teens now simply look to their family’s medicine cabinet to achieve that.

More teens are abusing over-the-counter medications like Nyquil or Robitussin than ever before. Many households have these medications readily available, and young adults can purchase them from any drug store.

These medications contain powerful drugs that, when abused, can produce strong intoxications, but also strong addictions. For this reason, the FDA recently considered placing stronger regulations on the sale of cold and cough medications. While the proposal was shot down, many health experts still warn about keeping a watchful eye on potential abuse of these drugs by teens

Two local parents told the Indianapolis Star that their son’s addiction to over-the-counter medication nearly cost him his life. However, he has remained clean and sober for five years following successful drug addiction treatment.

Addiction to cold and cough medication can be just as powerful as addiction to illicit drugs, as one of the active ingredients in over-the-counter medicine is used as the basis for production of methamphetamine, according to the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention.