The Truth About Prescription Drugs

Partnership for a Drug-Free America conducted a study that reported teens are misusing and abusing prescription drugs at an alarmingly high rate. The study found that teens are more likely to use prescription drugs such as Ritalin, Oxycontin, and Vicodin, to get high than use street drugs like cocaine, Ecstasy, and LSD. It also reported that one in five teenagers used prescription painkillers recreationally.

According to the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, teens say that prescription drugs are easier to get. Many teens abuse pills that they find in their home medicine cabinets, or at their friends’. Teens are scared away by street drugs, but feel that prescription drugs are harmless since they’re prescribed by a health care provider. But prescribed medications can be dangerous if they’re not used as directed.Health care providers take into account many factors such as medical history, other medications being taken, allergies, and body weight before determining if a medication is safe for a patient.

And some prescription drugs can be highly addictive. Many prescription painkillers have the same components similar to heroin which is highly addictive.Withdrawing from heroin is painful and not fun.

Millions of people rely on prescription drugs for pain relief and other serious medical conditions and disorders.These drugs benefit the people who need and use them correctly. But taking a drug that isn’t prescribed for you may be very dangerous, and it’s also illegal. It is also illegal to give or sell your own prescription drugs to other people.

If you feel that you or a friend has a problem with prescription drug abuse, talk to a trusted adult, like a parent, teacher, or counselor.Visit our resources section or call 888.266.6129 for more information.

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