Do You Have a Drug Abuse Problem? Take This Test to Find Out

Whether you need to find a rehab center for drug treatment or if you just need more information about substance abuse and its treatment, you have come to the right place.

Here you’ll find articles on every drug frequently abused today, including prescription painkillers and illegal drugs like cocaine and marijuana. You’ll also find information about exactly what happens when you enter a drug rehab program, including how you would spend a typical day there.

California is home to many state-of-the-art rehab centers designed for people of all ages and from all walks of life. Our counselors can help you or a loved one find a rehab center in California or any geographic area that can help you meet your needs. Call 888-266-6128 today for the help of a counselor who will be there to guide you.

  1. Have you ever tried to quit drugs on your own?
  2. Do your friends and family members complain about your drug use?
  3. Does your drug use make you feel guilty?
  4. Do you have rules around your drug use, such as “I only use them on weekends?”
  5. Do you use drugs to relax, to calm yourself when you are upset or angry, or to lose weight?
  6. When you stop your drug, do you experience withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches and irritability?
  7. Is your drug use causing you problems with the law or at work?
  8. Do you use drugs first thing in the morning?
  9. Do you look forward to using drugs?
  10. Do you use drugs more than once a week?

If you answer “yes” to at least one question, you may want to check with a medical professional about your drug use.

When you’re ready to change your life, we’ll help you do it.

You know how much your drug abuse is taking away from you and your loved ones. You also feel ready for a change. However, you’re not sure how to go about finding the best rehab program for your needs. We can help.

Studies show that people are more likely to recover from substance abuse if they enter a treatment program tailored to their individual needs. For example, women often prefer a same-sex facility. Teenagers often do best in treatment with people their age, so a therapeutic boarding school or wilderness program can be perfect for their needs.

Many adults want to achieve a high level of physical fitness when they are in a rehab program. They want to become detoxed not only from drugs, but also to be completely free of environmental chemicals and reach their peak fitness level. They may also want to pursue a certain hobby or sport while in rehab. Others want to spend some time in a certain geographical setting, such as near a beach or a Southwestern desert.

Whatever you are looking for in a drug rehab center, we can help you find it. Call 888-266-6128 to talk to a counselor who will help you find the perfect program for you.

Drug Rehab Will Work for You This Time

Is your drug habit getting in the way of what you want out of life? Are you ready to make the positive changes that you know will make you a happier person?

Call 888-266-6128 and we’ll help you do it.

According to government research, almost 20 million people in the United States have a problem with drugs, but only 3 million are in treatment.

Perhaps you or a loved one are among that 18 million who need help.

You may be avoiding treatment because you have tried once before and failed. Or because you think that treatment will be too expensive, or you will lose your job if you enter rehab. You may have convinced yourself that drug rehab won’t work for you.

How Drug Treatment Works

The good news is that drug treatment does work. Today’s doctors and experts in substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation classify drug addiction as a disease of the brain. In fact, one report in the Journal of the American Medical Association concluded, “Drug dependence should be insured, treated and evaluated like any other chronic disease.”

Like any other chronic disease, including diabetes and hypertension, doctors diagnose drug addiction, prescribe medications, and provide treatment and follow-up care. Those who comply with their doctors’ advice and their treatment protocol have the same success rates as people with other kinds of chronic diseases who also follow doctor’s orders.

Three Steps of Drug Treatment

Drug treatment protocol involves three steps: chemical detoxification, rehab counseling and training, and follow-up care.

The first step is chemical detoxification in a medically supervised facility. Once your body is completely free of drugs, you enter a rehabilitation center where you acquire the skills to remain drug-free.

While at a rehab center, your regime may include cognitive behavioral therapy, individual and group counseling, classes about drug abuse, support meetings, and plenty of recreation and physical exercise. Some people are able to enter day treatment centers, where they can work on their program from 9 to 5 and then go home at night. At a residential treatment center, you are an overnight resident, usually for several months.

After you complete your program, you enter a follow-up care plan from your home. That helps to make sure you are taking the appropriate steps needed for a long-term and successful recovery.

Take That First Step

Even if you have tried before and failed, that does not mean you will never succeed. In one study of more than 10,000 people in treatment programs, only half were there for the first time. It sometimes takes more than once to get it right. The new thinking is that relapse is just another part of the recovery process.

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