Center for Hope of the Sierras

870 Seven Hills Dr Suite 204
Henderson, NV 89052

Program Information

We believe that clients with eating disorders are unique, creative, caring and sensitive individuals who may struggle to find a connection with their true inner spirit. To recover from an eating disorder, the person must develop a sense of their own spirit and self, and a belief that their emotions are valid, important, and worth noticing.

At the Center for Hope of the Sierras, we help clients to redefine their lives by finding meaning based on their unique gifts, interests, and talents separate from their body and their eating disorder.

To accomplish this, the Center offers a multitude of individual, family and group therapies designed to heal. These include art therapy, equestrian & pet therapy, massage therapy, educational classes, yoga and meditation, music lessons, horticulture, language and photography classes and alternative approaches to provide healing to the whole being.

Individual and Multi-Family Group Therapy is provided during treatment, and can have multiple goals. These include re-establishing healthier boundaries, decreasing the person’s role in family or parental conflicts, decreasing blame, improving communication, appropriate assertion and accountability, establishing age-appropriate family roles, and identifying family attitudes or beliefs which may drive the eating disorder.