Exclusive Treatment


At Exclusive Drug Rehab we recognize that our residents require vastly different levels of care depending on their specific condition and level of addiction. We do not agree with the common notion that “one size fits all” so we treat each client as an individual, and tailor our treatment plans to address the specific challenges that pose a threat to long term recovery.

Intervention is a process which is often a prequel for patients who have not yet come to grips with their own personal need for treatment. We work with families in conducting interventions, using one of two models, and are able to facilitate an intervention anywhere in the country.

After intervention, if utilized, residents may find that short term, or “outpatient” care, works well for their particular issue while others may require care that is more long-standing, such as a long-term “residential” program.

Detoxification programs, also called “detox“, are for individuals addicted to, or abusing, one or more of a variety of substances. Detoxification programs programs can be long or short term, again depending up on the particular circumstance of the individual.

Treatment does not end upon discharge: anyone can stay clean and sober while in a program. The real challenge is to stay sober once you leave the program. We provide extensive aftercare and follow-up for all residents who successfully complete our program.

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