Four Circles Recovery Center

156 Clear Crossing Lane
Horse Shoe, North Carolina 28742

Program Information

By blending the best of wilderness education and traditional therapeutic treatment, Four Circles allows you to develop the strong foundation needed for sustained recovery.

How can being in the wilderness assist with recovery from substance abuse/chemical dependency? There are many gifts that come from the adventure of being in a wilderness program, not the least of which is that it IS an adventure. The more traditional recovery treatment programs allow you to have an adventure on an internal level, exploring parts of yourself you may not have been in touch with before. The wilderness program allows you to go on a transformational journey of self-discovery, a pilgrimage that is both internal and external. As you explore the wild and fascinating natural world in which you find yourself, you also explore the wild and fascinating world that lies within you. There is a kind of parallel process of discovery, each supporting and amplifying the other.

Visiting the wilderness and immersing yourself in all of its teachings is one of the most powerful ways to heighten your awareness of self and how you affect and are affected by your environment. The next step in your journey is bringing these teachings out of the wilderness and applying them to everyday life in the “real world.” Through guided transitions from wilderness to base camp, you will be given the opportunity to “put into practice” the life skills and lessons you developed in the wilderness in a more familiar environment.

We offer a men-only and a women-only track at Four Circles. Men and women often experience drug and alcohol addiction differently. With different biological responses, triggers, and co-occurring issues, for some, treatment is most successful in gender-specific groups.