Online Treatment

eGetgoing does not displace traditional treatment, but instead adds breadth and depth to the existing continuum of chemical dependency care — both complementing existing programs and serving as an alternative for the thousands of people who otherwise do not have access to treatment. With six and 12 week course offerings, and no more than 10 members participating in each session, eGetgoing is a natural and effective complement to existing treatment programs.

eGetgoing is:

- An established program that has successfully treated more than one thousand patients, combining group therapy, individual counseling, and education with a 12-step philosophy.

- Easy to use: If a patient can read and send email and has access to a computer with Windows 98 or higher, he/she will be able to participate (using either dial-up or broadband Internet).

- Fully accredited by JCAHO and CARF, and the groups are facilitated by certified addiction counselors.

Group members will:

- Speak (not type) with fellow group members using a headset and microphone (supplied by eGetgoing)

- See their counselor live in real time on their computer monitor

- Remain completely anonymous

- Access the group session from wherever the patient is located

How It Works

Interactive sessions with experienced counselors

Unlike many counseling websites, eGetgoing is much more than reading text, dropping in for a chat, or merely exchanging e-mail. Instead, we offer a supportive, personal, and interactive treatment experience through a unique fusion of live video and voice technology that replicates traditional treatment and education environments.

Group members create screen names to ensure anonymity and work together online with a chemical dependency counselor to create a recovery plan. Each client has a personal home page, which provides access to group sessions, a personal journal, a group schedule reminder, homework assignments, messages from the eGetgoing counselor, personal progress graphs, and eGetgoing chat rooms.


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