Methadone Treatment Success Stories

I started using opiates in high school over 9 years ago.  I got into drugs really bad and couldn’t quit on my own.  In 2004 things got so awful that I couldn’t hide it anymore and I went to an inpatient rehab for 28 days.  Unfortunately once out of treatment I was thrown back into the same old life and left to my own devices to stay sober.  It had been easy in treatment because you’re locked up.  You have no real choice.  I did not have a real transition.

Transition is the real benefit of the methadone program.  Having methadone on board has made me more confident in my recovery so I can make the necessary changes in my life.  I have been able to slowly get back into a normal life and routine without as much temptation.

This treatment has been lifesaving to me.  I had started to use heroin shortly after my return from residential treatment.  After two years of use, the heroin really started to impact my body.  I got really bad infections and sores all over and I couldn’t even walk.  I lost a great deal of weight and I knew I was in trouble.  So I went to the hospital but they would not admit me because of my drug problem.  I couldn’t stop using due to my cravings for drugs and the continual pain I was in.  Yet most drug treatment facilities wouldn’t take me until I healed my wounds.

I was left with the medication assisted treatment program as the only option although I had always had mixed emotions about it.  I was not sure if it would help and if it was really the same as being drug free.  Since in my condition I didn’t have much of a choice, I decided to do it.  Medication assisted treatment truly saved my life.  After the first day I haven’t used once.

My body started to heal and I got back on track.  They offer counseling and I got to talk about my goals for the future.  I talk about what I hope for from life and set my sights on what I need to work towards. They also have group meetings that I went to regularly and I felt they were a huge benefit.  I got to meet some other patients, talk with them, and learn about the similarities of our challenges.  I am now in college and I attend regular NA meetings and do NA service work.

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