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Why Send Your Child to a Therapeutic Boarding School?
If your child is struggling with problems related to poor behavior, academic difficulties, or substance abuse, you know that even the best of intentions don’t necessarily translate into improved results.

East Coast and West Coast Boarding Schools
Truths and Stereotypes

Decoding the Types of Addiction Treatment
When you finally make the decision to get help for an addiction, the last thing you have the motivation left to do is sort through the complex maze of treatment options. Here’s a simple explanation of the types of addiction treatment available to you.

10 Reasons Addicts Struggle in Early Recovery
Early recovery is a time for readjusting to life without drugs or alcohol. Achieving and maintaining sobriety requires changes in your lifestyle, relationships, coping skills and every other area of your life. All of this change makes people in early recovery particularly vulnerable to relapse.

Common Excuses for Avoiding Addiction Treatment
People have a myriad of excuses lined up when it comes to avoiding seeking professional help for addiction.

Dysfunctional Family Roles Support Addictive Behaviors
In families that are impacted by addiction, every family member plays a role. In many cases, these roles aren’t taken up with conscious intent; instead, they often “just happen.”

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