Pine Heights Treatment Center

3455 Wilkens Ave
Lower Level 20
Baltimore, Maryland 21229

Program Information


Pine Heights Clinic in Baltimore offers a highly trained and professional staff.

Pine Heights Treatment Center, located in Baltimore, Maryland, is part of a world-class organization that sets the standard of excellence in the treatment of addiction and other chronic behavioral health disorders. We will provide a continuum of evidence-based treatment that delivers the highest quality of care and improves the lives of millions of people.

You are not alone. We have helped MANY people break free from the chains of addiction. We understand the delicate process of recovery and we know that each person is on a different recovery path. First, we listen, sympathize, and come to understand each person’s story. Once this is done, we hold your hand through recovery at your own pace. Together, we can help guide you and/or your loved ones to recovery.

Our goal at Pine Heights Treatment Center, located in Baltimore County, is first to stabilize patients so they can maintain independent, productive lives, and second to engage clients in the ongoing process of rehabilitation. We specialize in detoxification and recovery through medication-assisted therapy, counseling, and support services. This unique combination of services allows patients to rid their system of toxic substances in the most comfortable and convenient manner available, and to return to normal life drug-free. As patients progress with treatment, they may begin making less frequent visits to the center and administering their own medications at home – all with the support of their therapist and the clinic staff. Treatment continues until the individual has mastered the basic skills for self-care and ongoing recovery.

Indiana death rates from intoxication reached its peak in Baltimore City at 27.4 per 100,000 people in Baltimore City. Substance abuse is a serious issue and should not be overlooked. Help us help your family and loved ones. Do NOT let them fall to the dangers of substance and alcohol.