Is a Women Only Rehab Right for You?

By John Lee

Should you get addiction treatment in a women’s only or mixed-gender program? Which will work better for you?

There are no easy answers to these questions. What’s perfect for one woman won’t offer be as beneficial for another. Ultimately, it has to be a personal decision based on your preferences.

Some women will feel more comfortable opening up and sharing in a single-gender addiction treatment program, and some women feel equally or more comfortable in a mixed-gender rehab program.

You have to assess your own personality and comfort level and find a place that makes you feel safe and welcome, where you can let go of your burdens without reservation.

Read on to learn some of the unique benefits of all-women addiction treatment programs, and think hard about what you want and need from a stay in drug rehab.

The Benefits of a Women Only Drug Rehab

Some women feel more comfortable discussing sensitive or deeply personal issues with other women.
Since women are more likely to have experienced sexual assault or other traumas, group sessions can focus more closely on these topics, if needed.
Since women are more likely to have certain mental health disorders, treatment can focus more on the integrated needs of dual diagnosis clients.
All-female rehabs can focus more on group topics such as parenting and substance abuse, eating disorders, body image and self-esteem.
Some women find a single-gender living environment leads to an enjoyable camaraderie.
Some studies show that women are more likely to complete a period of treatment in a single-gender environment.

No drug treatment program meets the needs and wants of everyone. As individuals, we all come into treatment with unique histories and we are all comfortable in different environments.

Finding a drug rehab that is well-matched to your needs and in which you feel comfortable and safe is an important first step in the recovery process. When thinking about where you would like to get help, be sure to consider whether a women only rehab program is right for you.