Getting Help for a Loved One – Forget About Rock Bottom

By John Lee

You’ll often hear that people need to hit rock bottom before they can start to heal from addiction.

It’s a myth, and a harmful one at that.

1. Some people never hit rock bottom – they keep using or drinking until they die from addiction.
2. Some people realize that they need to make a life change after a terrible experience (the loss of a family member, jail time or some other rock-bottom experience).
3. Some people get help before they experience a tragedy and successfully recover.

Why not choose option #3?

Studies show that people who are convinced to get addiction treatment, or even those forced by the courts to get help and who go in kicking and screaming, do just as well as those who walk into treatment on their own.

You can wait until a rock-bottom event occurs before intervening to convince a loved one to seek help, but there is no need to wait for a tragedy. The longer a person drinks or uses drugs before seeking help, the harder treatment becomes. By waiting for a rock-bottom experience, you are only making the recovery process more difficult.

You have the right to intervene, and your intervention today could save a life.


• Don’t wait for rock bottom; there is no need for delay.
• People pushed into drug treatment do as well as people that walk in on their own.

If you have a loved one that needs help and you want to learn more about what you can do to convince them to enter into a substance abuse treatment program, or to learn more about drug rehabs in your area.