Sober Living by the Sea

2800 Lafayette Road
Newport Beach, California 92663

Program Information

It is our goal to help clients reach sobriety and maintain it. We do this in a number of ways, including specialized educational recovery programs. As clients go through the drug treatment and eating disorder rehabilitation treatment process, they learn that there really are other options. They master the skills necessary to recognize these options and how to incorporate them into daily activities. They may discover that the key to success is not in hiding from situations and relationships that may trigger their addictive behaviors, but that they have the power to make better choices to achieve the healthier lifestyle they desire.

We recognize addiction as a family disease and encourage the entire family to participate in treatment whenever possible. At Sober Living by the Sea, we offer a program specifically designed to assist families in crisis as a result of substance abuse. While the substance abuser goes through an appropriate treatment program, family members are educated about the disease process of chemical dependency and how they have each been affected. They are given the life tools necessary to reconcile current issues facing their family. The family also receives counseling from our highly trained family counselors on a regular basis and can receive further family advisement beyond treatment.

Subscribing to the philosophy of the 12-Step Program, Sober Living by the Sea promotes the basics tenets of Alcoholics Anonymous, teaching recovering alcoholics how to survive in the real world.