Featured Programs

Adirondack Leadership Expeditions
Wilderness program with an emphasis on the development of leadership skills located in Upstate New York.
Length of Stay: 4 Weeks
Ages: 14-17

Passages To Recovery
A wilderness treatment program for young adults and adults in recovery from alcohol or drug addiction that incorporates a vision quest, therapy, and wilderness adventure. Located in Utah.
Length of Stay: 28 Days
Ages: 18-50

Phoenix Outdoor
Phoenix Outdoor is a wilderness therapy program located near Asheville, North Carolina. We work with teenagers, by stepping in when a teenage crisis has escalated.
Ages: 13-17

Four Circles Recovery Center
We specialize in treating young adults who are interested in actively pursuing sustained recovery from addiction and the underlying issues that drive substance abuse. North Carolina
Ages: 18-28

Outback Therapeutic Expeditions
Outback’s Wilderness Programs blend the best of the “ancient cultural systems” with the most effective and proven therapeutic processes. Your troubled teen will experience the highest standards of safety and therapy in the context of one of the most powerful settings for real change – the wilderness. Utah.
Length of Stay: 30 Days
Ages: 13-17

SUWS Adolescent or SUWS Youth
SUWS Troubled Teen Wilderness Programs specialize in helping troubled teens and defiant teens with behavioral and emotional problems. Operating in southern Idaho since 1981, SUWS wilderness programs have assisted young people to identify and work through internal conflicts and emotional obstacles that have kept them from responding to parental efforts, schools, and treatment.
Length of Stay: 21-28 Days
Ages: 11-18

SUWS of the Carolinas
SUWS of the Carolinas is a therapeutic camping program with a focus on clinical intervention and assessment. The program uses the outdoors as an alternative to conventional treatment environments, while engaging students using traditional therapeutic methods.
Length of Stay: 28 Days
Ages: 13-17