The Healing Power of Mother Nature

We are in the most awe-inspiring places a teenager can go to. We provide accredited care and proven treatment methods in a setting where young people can discover themselves – by being somewhere larger than themselves: the Great Outdoors. Nature is a powerful teacher. She cannot be manipulated or debated. Her majesty creates a unique, high-impact environment for young people. In this place of transformation, the ceiling is the sky; the four walls are East, West, North, and South.

Our wilderness programs offer academic credit – so your child is still in an educational environment, but with the added bonus of “experiential learning” – one of the most effective ways to help kids with defiance, learning differences, and even ADHD.

University-based research validates the effectiveness of outdoor treatment for youth struggling with behavioral problems or substance abuse.

If you want more for your teen – if you want to see your teen reaching their full potential – we are sure to have a program that can get them back on track for a brighter future.