Wilderness Works!

Wilderness therapy programs sometimes referred to as Outdoor Education, have proven themselves to be exceptional catalysts for change in troubled children and teenagers. Because of our reputation for quality, safety and longevity, many of Aspen’s wilderness programs have been highlighted in TV documentaries and written about in the national media. This unique experience can be described as a “rite of passage,” a transformational process that is difficult to find in our fast-paced, modern society. Our therapists and counselors guide teens toward self-reliance and self-respect. The impact of these programs on troubled teens with such behavioral problems as low self-esteem, poor school performance, defiance of authority, depression, and drug or alcohol abuse has been well documented. Parents can feel confident that their children will get the treatment and care they need at Aspen’s Outdoor Therapy Wilderness Programs.

Aspen Education Group is a network of over 30 programs in 12 states that provide enlightened, innovative approaches to help young people struggling with behavioral challenges, emotional issues, or substance abuse. We succeed where others fail, because we know young people – we’ve been helping youth and families for over two decades. Aspen offers programs that can help young people at whatever stage they might be – from early intervention programs to more structured residential treatment.