Sunrise Ranch

6690 Limonite Frontage Road
Riverside, California 92509

Program Information

Sunrise Recovery Ranch helps residents understand their disease, accept responsibility for their recovery, and find an alternative to the emotional turmoil that previously characterized their lives. At Sunrise Recovery Ranch, we have long recognized that fitness and physical activity and the occasional break from the daily routine play key roles in promoting good health and contributing to the overall recovery process. That is why we offer a variety of activities designed to help residents achieve a balanced life.

The decision to enter Sunrise Recovery Ranch’s substance abuse treatment program can be the first step on a joyous journey toward mental, physical, even spiritual healing and recovery.

The Family Program is managed by the main Sober Living By The Sea center and situated in the Corporate Beach House in Newport Beach.

Subscribing to the philosophy of the 12-Step Program, Sunrise Recovery Ranch promotes the basics tenets of Alcoholics Anonymous, teaching recovering alcoholics how to survive in the real world.