The Rose

6111 Seashore Drive
Newport Beach, California 92663

Program Information

Every woman has the capacity to live a fully enriched and empowered life, and to make effective choices for optimal physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual health. Nurturing intuition, while challenging belief systems that violate and victimize, The Rose of Newport Beach is committed to restoring health and balance. We utilize a treatment approach that values a client’s complete life, including family, community, culture, value systems, spiritual traditions, and integration within the real world. The relationships we form with our clients are founded on dignity and respect with an understanding and appreciation of the role that substance abuse has played in their lives.

At The Rose of Newport Beach, we firmly believe that treatment should embrace not only the addicted individual but the family as well. The Rose of Newport Beach offers a three day family program specifically designed to assist families in crisis as a result of substance abuse. While the substance abuser goes through our treatment program, family members are educated about the disease process of chemical dependency and how they have been affected. They are given the life tools necessary to reconcile current issues facing their family. The entire family also receives counseling from our highly trained family therapists and can receive further advisement beyond treatment.

At The Rose of Newport Beach, we incorporate traditional 12-Step principles into a comprehensive treatment program that also features experiential and alternative therapies. Our programs help clients reconnect with their minds, bodies, and spirits through therapy, meditation, and yoga, as well as by regular attendance at gender-specific 12-Step meetings.