Washington State Outpatient Drug Treatment


Outpatient addiction treatment offers an ideal blend of flexibility, effectiveness and affordability.

Not everyone needs the rigid structure and 24-hour supervision of residential addiction treatment in order to achieve and maintain sobriety. For many people, outpatient and,- intensive outpatient programs offer the right amount of therapeutic support while minimizing the cost of treatment and disruptions to daily life.

Like residential treatment, the goal of outpatient drug treatment is long-term abstinence from drugs and alcohol, along with emotional growth. With guidance from a team of addiction professionals, individuals learn new coping strategies and life skills to return health and functioning to their daily lives.

CRC Health is America’s largest provider of behavioral health care and addiction treatment programs. With outpatient clinics located throughout Washington State, CRC provides research-based substance abuse treatment to thousands of men and women each year.

CRC’s fully licensed facilities employ credentialed and experienced doctors, nurses and addiction professionals and provide clinically proven addiction treatment, with an emphasis on treating all patients with the compassion afforded to anyone with a chronic illness.

The Advantages of Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient drug treatment is an effective option for many people struggling with addiction. Our programs offer differing levels of intensity based on each patient’s needs, and provide drug and alcohol assessments, drug education, and individual and group counseling.

The primary advantages of outpatient treatment with CRC Health include:

  • Safe and effective treatment
  • Insurance accepted
  • Low cost programs with easy payment terms
  • A wide range of specialty programs

Treatment That Works

CRC’s health professionals have been treating addiction for more than 30 years. We use therapies that are proven clinically effective, administered by experienced addiction treatment professionals. We know the pain and suffering addiction brings to individuals and their families, and we know how to make it better.

Insurance Accepted

As one of the nation’s most respected addiction treatment providers, CRC Health is recognized and endorsed by some major insurance companies. We can work with most health insurance companies to ensure whole or partial coverage for affordable outpatient treatment programs.

Low Cost

Inpatient drug rehab facilities can be prohibitively expensive, but that doesn’t mean people who need help to recover from an addiction are out of options. Because many people cannot afford a costly stay in a residential program, we strive to offer a quality treatment experience at a price accessible to all. Programs are offered with easy payment terms. By working with program staff, most financial challenges can be overcome so people can receive lifesaving addiction treatment.

Specialty Programs

Every individual has different needs, which is why we offer a number of specialty programs designed to meet those needs. Some of the specialty programs we offer include:

  • Alcohol and benzodiazepine detox
  • Opiate detox
  • Dual diagnosis programs
  • Abuse level treatment
  • Drug, alcohol and DUI/DWI assessments
  • Deferred prosecution
  • Alcohol Drug Information School
  • Methadone

Getting expert substance abuse treatment that matches your specific needs greatly improves your chances of a successful recovery.

Continue working or attending school, get effective and low cost outpatient addiction treatment near your home, and start getting better today.

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