Wellness Resource Center

7940 N. Federal Highway
Boca Raton, Florida 33487

Program Information

Our goal is to educate, support and assist all individuals involved in striving towards independence, self-fulfillment and a sense of hope and happiness in their lives.

Wellness Resource Center provides an integrated model, in which the client is treated with clinical services that include not only traditional therapies, but expressive and holistic therapies as well. The program addresses psychiatric issues, psychological issues and chemical dependency in a method that intrinsically links the relationship between the illnesses and the effect that one has on the other. Relapse in one condition will ultimately result in the relapse of the other condition. It is essential that the client appreciate the dynamic interaction of the diagnoses in order to understand the need to maintain health in all areas to ensure continued stability and recovery.

Family treatment is aimed at helping family members understand how they have affected and been affected by the clients illness and what they can do to improve their emotional health and the health of the family system. They are offered the opportunity to express their feelings, work through their own denial and accept the futility of trying to “fix” the client. They are also given recommendations for getting involved in a recovery program of their own, utilizing self-help groups and professional therapy.

The “Twelve Steps” are used to treat addictions and are also applicable as cognitive/behavioral tools used to address many psychiatric issues and personality defenses.

Clients with co-existing disorders must gain insight into the nature of their conditions and the signs and symptoms of the same. They must be taught strategies that reduce symptoms, while simultaneously developing coping mechanisms for healthy fulfilling lives.