Alumni Success Stories

What Alumni are Saying

“I went through your program when I was 15 yrs old, I am now 32. I truly believe in this program and wanted to share with any reluctant parent out there my experience. I was a run away, rebellious teen with a major attitude and respect problem when I was shipped to a little town called Bliss in Idaho. After going through this program, I had a 100% turn around. Today, I have a wonderful family, and a good life. I look back fondly on those days and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I believe I wouldn’t be who I am today if my parents didn’t send me there.”

— Former SUWS student

“Sierra Tucson planted the seed for every miracle that’s taken place since 1991. How do you describe something like that?”
~Alessa, Venice, CA

I thank my higher power every day for you. My life has completely changed. I’m so happy, peaceful and have a huge support group. I now can identify when I’m headed for trouble and what steps to take to prevent a relapse. Thank you for my new sober life!”

- Bayside Marin alumnus

Before I attended your rehab, I never even considered my dreams. Oh, I had them, but as crazy as it sounds, I never even considered that I could amount to them–to amount to anything. I was an ex-soccer jock high-schooler with depression issues and a hell of a crystal meth addiction once I got into college in Montana. Now, I’m looking at transferring to a state school, or even an art academy–I have colleges offering me tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships–my landlord says I’m his best tenant ever–and most importantly, I have self-respect like I never knew existed. Thank you!! I just wanted you guys to know that–that what you do, on a daily basis, truly does change lives.”
– Wellness Resource Center alumnus, 2004

In all of my years of my eating disorder, through all of the therapists and doctors and dieticians, Montecatini was the ONLY place that helped me. It gave me the tools that I need to live life without an eating disorder.

- S.S., Cincinnati, OH


Thank you all, every one of you, for all the help and love you have given me during my stay at The Rose. I would not have made it without you.  Several of you have held my hand, prayed with me, and comforted me when I had some bad times. I really appreciate that support when I most needed it.

I love you all,