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  • Points By General McCaffrey At Conference on New Perspectives in Opiate Treatment

    Congratulate Mayor Jerry Sanders, CRC Health Group Opiate Treatment Program President Phil Herschman, CEO Dr. Barry Karlin who is recovering from surgery, the experts here today including Dr. Tom McLellan, founder, Treatment Research Institute; Dr. Judith Reynolds, Narcotic Treatment Provider; Dr. Marcella Wilson, Addictionologist; Dr. Stewart Leavitt, Editor, Addiction Treatment Forum; and Ms. Rebecca Lira, Deputy Director, California Alcohol and Drug Programs; and the some 300 state and local drug treatment specialists here today. Also ...

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  • Addiction Aid Sought – General Wants Money Restored To State Budget

    The Patriot News By Charles Thompson The drug and alcohol treatment community rolled some heavy artillery into Harrisburg yesterday to press its case for more money in the 2005-06 budget. Barry R. McCaffrey, a retired four-star general and the one-time commander of U.S. armed forces in Latin America, pushed for an $8 million increase for the state Department of Health's Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Programs. From 1996 through 2001, McCaffrey served as the director of the White House ...

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  • CRC Health Group Washington News Conference Points by Gen. Barry McCaffrey and by Dr. Barry Karlin

    Gen. Barry McCaffrey CRC Washington News Conference Points Pleased to Join Dr. Barry Karlin, Lieutenant Governor Brad Owen, and Washington State and local leaders in substance abuse programs today, here at the Washington Athletic Center. I am delighted and proud that leaders in Washington State, where I have long had a strong family and personal association, are making this state the most progressive in the nation for drug and alcohol prevention and treatment. The vision and services creating ...

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