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Prescription Medication Safety Infographic

Fact: 2,500 Teens Begin Abusing Prescription Drugs Each Day

(source: SAMHSA).

We created this infographic to increase awareness about the potential dangers of prescription medications.  Every day 2,500 teens start down a very dangerous road by taking medications intended for friends or relatives.

Here are some prescription drug safety tips:

1.     Keep a Written Inventory to Keep Track of Medications

Having knowledge about the quantity of your pills, drugs and prescriptions is extremely important. This is a great way of double checking to see if your son or daughter may have taken some. Also, if they know that you are keeping track, it will serve as a deterrent for further medication abuse.

2.     Lock up the Medications

This will serve as a physical deterrent from prescription drug abuse by your children. If you have a lock that is opened by a key, be sure to keep your key with you at ALL times. If you are using a lock that is opened by code or combination, make sure to switch the combination periodically whenever you feel suspicious of any possible tampering.

3.     Know your Kids’ Friends and Talk to Their Parents about Medications.

We understand that this is sometimes not an easy step. However, talking to your kid’s friend’s parents will ensure that there is less opportunity for prescription drug abuse when you are not there. Be sure to let the parents know about the tips mentioned in this list as they may have not thought of them.

4.     Dispose of Older/Unused Medications

Excess prescription drugs around the house leads to an increased curiosity or temptation to try them. This is why you should be sure get rid of them as soon as you realize that they are of no use to you. Proper disposal of expired and unused medication is important. If you do it incorrectly, you could do unintentional harm.

Disposal tips:

- Please do not simply throw your medications in the trash as children and/or pets may accidentally consume them.

-  Please do not flush your old medications down the toilet as it may poison your local water stream. – We recommend contacting your nearest pharmacy or finding out where a medication disposal center is and taking your medications there.