CRC Health Group Announces Forthcoming Acquisition of Sierra Tucson

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CRC Health Group Announces Forthcoming Acquisition of Sierra Tucson; Premier Addiction Treatment Facility Joins Nation’s Largest Substance Abuse Treatment Provider

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 30 2005 — CRC Health Group, the nation’s largest alcohol and drug abuse treatment provider, today announced the signing of a definitive agreement to purchase Sierra Tucson, one of America’s premier behavioral treatment facilities.

Dr. Barry Karlin, Chairman & CEO of CRC Health Group said, “The acquisition of Sierra Tucson is a vital step in our strategy of building a nationwide network of behavioral facilities serving the needs of all addicted persons no matter where they are in the lifecycle of their disease or their geographical location. Sierra Tucson is an outstanding organization and a clinical powerhouse that has energized this industry. They provide a level of service to a target demographic not currently served by CRC.”

Bill O’Donnell, Founder and Chairman of Sierra Tucson added, “I am extremely proud of what we have accomplished at Sierra Tucson over the last twenty-two years. It is my hope and belief that this step with CRC Health Group will enable Sierra Tucson to reach ever greater heights and carry on our tradition of clinical excellence and quality that we have so painstakingly built since its inception.”

CRC states that the purchase of Sierra Tucson is a perfect fit for CRC Health Group’s growth model that seeks to acquire programs that are well established in their communities and have demonstrable records of clinical excellence. Over the course of the last ten years, CRC has grown to 89 facilities in 20 states. Each new acquisition adds its unique brand of excellence to CRC’s network. These facilities range in age from twenty to forty years of treatment leadership in their respective communities. CRC’s corporate leadership seeks to preserve and expand that which is excellent and add value through treatment innovation and industry leadership.

CRC expects to complete the transaction in the next couple of months. The acquisition of Sierra Tucson will further establish CRC’s leading position in the alcoholism and drug abuse treatment arena.

About CRC Health Group
CRC Health is the nation’s largest for-profit provider of drug and alcohol treatment services and treats more than 30,000 people yearly. The company is based in San Jose, California and operates residential, outpatient and opiate treatment centers throughout the U.S. CRC provides lifelong care to adult and adolescent patients through a continuum of services including detoxification, residential treatment, day treatment, intensive outpatient programs, sober living, community education, intervention and aftercare. CRC has extended its presence to the Internet with eGetgoing, an online substance abuse treatment platform.

About Sierra Tucson
For twenty-two years Sierra Tucson has provided unparalleled behavioral health care that emphasizes healing the whole person. The company is based in Tucson, Arizona and operates a duly licensed, accredited special psychiatric hospital and behavioral health center. Programs offered include a full continuum of addiction services (substance abuse, gambling, sexual), a renowned eating disorder program, and treatment for depression, anxiety and emotional trauma.

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